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Song-A-Day, January 16th - The Game 

Late Post. I uploaded this last night, but didn't put it up here until just now. I'm about to start working on today's song, so there will be another post shortly!

Here's The Game. It's cold, so I'm wearing unicorn PJs and sitting in front of a painting of space. Judge all you want, I was quite comfy. :)

Song-A-Day, January 13th - Snow Globe 

Hi there! I got my new audio setup running today, so this video should sound loads better than the previous ones have. Hooray!

It's been cold lately, and snowy, and so I decided to write about fun winter things instead of how I live where the outside hurts my face. Because positivity. Or cabin fever. Maybe both. I just want to go for a walk, you guys.

Anyway, no further whining. Here's snow globe! :)